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Input your Profile into our worldwide database in a limited capacity.
You do not have a personal matchmaker. Our ‘Sasson Team’ can search specifically for you and suggest one match a week. While there are over 500 matchmakers accessing this database, other matchmakers will most likely only make suggestions if you show up as a potential match for one of their Gold Members.

Upgrade is required in order to accept matches.

Gold Membership* (*All pricing in US dollars)
$75/month for 6 months, then just $12.50 monthly thereafter
$45 for 3 months, then just $14.95 monthly thereafter
$17.95/month for 1 month, then just $18.95 monthly thereafter

Exclusive Advantages of Your Membership Basic Gold
Signup and create profile
Access to articles, workshops and educational programs
Access to local Sasson V Simcha events
Inclusion in our local and international database
Initial 15 minute general screening call by one of our specialists
In depth interview with YOUR personal matchmakers to better understand your dating needs
Two Personal Matchmaker will continuously search our member database for matches for you
Ability to receive match suggestions each week Limited to max
of 1 per week
Ability to accept match suggestions
Serve as a sounding board before and after dates

What do I do first?

When you register on our site, you are required to fill out a comprehensive profile that includes information about your religious background, lifestyle, age, interests, references, description about self and criteria you are looking for in another person. A recent photo should be uploaded, preferably one that is favourable. It is also recommended to provide both Rabbinic and other references to the shadchanim to aid in their efforts to better assist the member.

How the site works?

After you have completed your profile, it will then be entered into the SVSConnects database. Our emphasis is local Canadian members but we are linked with over 20,000 members worldwide. You then should decide whether you want to remain a “basic” member or upgrade to “gold”. Basic members are assigned to the ‘Sasson Team’ of volunteers. As a basic member, you will then need to contact our office so that our team can get to know you better through phone calls, e-mails, etc. As a gold member we have the assigned matchmakers contact you for face to face interview if possible. Gold members have the option of choosing 2 personal shadchans, who will get to know you and who will personally search and advocate on your behalf.

While gold members can receive multiple suggestions every week, as a basic member you can get only one suggestion per week. Depending on your preference, when a suitable match is found, you will be contacted so that you can decide to accept or decline the suggestion. However, a basic member will need to upgrade to gold in order to accept a match suggestion. When two members have both agreed to the match, your shadchan will forward the contact information so that you can arrange a conversation and then plan a date. Men should contact women within three (3) days of receiving the phone number. If he cannot call the woman then he is expected to contact the shadchan to let her know when he will be making that call.

At any time, a member can update her/his status in the system to easily keep the shadchan apprised with the progress of the relationship (e.g.: “spoke on phone”, “went on first date”, “dating exclusively”, “engaged”). Your personal shadchan is available to you throughout the dating process, should you so desire.

OUR SHADCHANIM are carefully screened and trained to be sensitive to the needs of our single members. They are here for you. They will continue to screen members, recommend matches, and assist (when requested) during the dating process. It is up to you to decide with whom you want to accept a date and to what extent you would like a matchmaker’s input and feedback during the dating process. Singles profiles are screened by the shadchanim to confirm accuracy of information whenever possible. However, we strongly recommend that you make your own inquiries whenever you date someone you meet online.